Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi All !

I don't post a lot of things on my blog but every now and then I think a blog is the best place to display your work. 

This week I finished a netted necklace designed by Sandra D. Halpenny (sandrahalpennybeading.blogspot) called Daisy Drops necklace which I decided would be an excellent present for my mom's birthday which is coming up in 1 week. 

It's thanks to her that I got started beading and I am nothing if not thankful that I discovered this wonderful hobby of mine and that she enabled me to learn and develop my skills...

I decided to give it to her yesterday and she is thrilled with it. I made sure to make it as monochromatic as possible, since I know she prefers that type of color scheme. I myself am usually more prone to using a couple of color combinations but I must admit that I like the result of colors of this necklace very much and it looks great on my mom ! (even if I do say so myself) At least it put a big smile on her face which is worth more than words.

Have a wonderful week !

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